15 September 2011

Model completed for Forgotten Spaces Sheffield Exhibition

We have completed our model for the Forgotten Spaces Sheffield exhibition. James successfully delivered it to The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield on Tuesday, although the wind managed to dislodge a few of the carefully placed seeds!

The exhibition of shortlisted entries opens today at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

We decided that it would make more impact to abstractly indicate the steeply sloped landscape surrounding the mill buildings by cutting out the slope within the body of the large mill building, rather than building an accurate representation.

The proposal aims to open the existing buildings to the park, illustrated above with the balcony and cafe deck.

Rather than building the neighbouring buildings we indicated their proximity with recessed copper sheet within the model base.

We filled the area between the buildings with the seeds of turnip, carrot, beetroot, lettuce, broad bean, chive, fennel, coriander, cabbage, tomato, spring onion and sunflower to indicate the type of planting that could take place in the courtyard kitchen garden.

A close up of the seed-filled courtyard