2 March 2012

doma architects' "bed-box"

We were posed a dilemna by a client recently...

The master bedroom in their house is enormous and very ornate. They want an ensuite bathroom without interferring with or cutting up the existing room. They love the "wow-factor" that you feel when walking into the room.

Our first suggestion was to put a bathroom in the adjacent bedroom and knock through. They did not want to do this as they did not want to make the adjacent bedroom smaller.

So we designed a "bed-box" that was inserted into the room. The 2metre high walls did not come any way close to touching the ceiling, so the spaciousness of the room was not interrupted.

The view of the immense bay window from the entrance is not obstructed by the insertion.

The double basin, shower and bidet are concealed behind the freestanding wall. The WC is accessed through the archway beyond.